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Apr. 24th, 2011

Alas, I am moving to friends only.

I reconfigured this whole thing and only added back the people who I thought would be interested.

Not added for the second go round and think you should have been?  Don't take it personally, leave a comment! I only dropped people who seemed not to be using their journal anymore, really. If you were reading all along and I didn't know it- well... leave a comment!

Curious? Leave a comment!

Land sharks? Leave a comment!

Bots? Spam?? What????

Some sort of strange fake "bot" added me and every LiveJournal friend I have.

Does anyone know of a LJ user named "zhdglijglij"

What the heck??

Has LJ become like Myspace with the spammers or something?

If that is a person then I feel kind of bad, but my first inclination is that is is some kind of bot. I don't really have time to investigate that.

Maybe it is time to delete this journal... I never use it anymore anyway.


Year end meme time. What a year.

Lots of things going on, but honestly I just talk to the friends I see these days. Everything's going pretty great, other than the occasional health setback. But overall, improvements! This time last year I couldn't walk without assistance. Last night hubby and I went to the gym and power walked for a while.

I thought about closing this account- but that would be silly. Even though I don't use it much now, I may return to it- maybe. And it's a great way to keep in touch with distant friends. It's also silly to announce that I won't be using it much anymore- but haha there it is! I'm not gonna use this much anymore. I am too old for this shiz. lol.

That being said- I shall add the 2008 year end meme! Feel ever so inclined to steal it and use it.

Oh, Meme goodness!

Whee good times behind the cut!Collapse )

Dec. 1st, 2008

This was, honestly, the best Thanksgiving in years.

I just keep remembering this time last year- I spent Thanksgiving hiding how sick I was- and now, this year, I cooked the meal! :)

I heard Christmas music for the first time and it's so goofy but I started crying- I missed Christmas last year, and it's just unbelievable how much has happened physically and mentally since then.

Being alive is just miraculous.

I have the best husband- I mean he is so good to me, and I just adore him, and this house that is just becoming our own and no more stupid sales jobs ever again- and it's just- wow-


I have five clients to see tomorrow and it is supposed to snow! eke.


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